Pro Tip! Get Bev delivered to your office so someone is there to sign for it!

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Welcome to Bev!

Rosé in a can. Made by Chicks. Drank by you.

And your friends.

And your friends’ friends.

And it ships for free.


“I had my first Bev at Coachella this year and loved it. Perfectly refreshing, easy to carry and it hit the spot… I made sure to grab extras to share with my friends, too!”

Dan, 25, Los Angeles

“I just got my first case of Bev and love it so much. Thank goodness I got a 12 pack, between myself and my roommates Bev goes fast! I love the taste and the can is perfect for any occasion!”

Kira, 28, Santa Barbra

“PRO TIP: Get Bev delivered to your office so you dont miss signing for it. I love Bev so much as a beverage and a brand. My favorite brand to follow on IG and my favorite drink to bring to a party. LOVE!”

Marilyn, 23, San Diego